Lodging, B&B, and Outdoor Adventures, Willow, Alaska

Backcountry Warriors is now Alaska's Heritage Lodge!

Yes! If you are looking for Backcountry Warriors and have our old contact info, you are at the right place! Big changes have been going on here at the lodge in the last few months. Let me take a minute to explain. I started Backcountry Warriors as a snowmobile touring company over 5 years ago. For an outdoor adventure company, the name "Backcountry Warriors" was very fitting. Then we bought our place here in Willow. Then lodging and hospitality became our focus. And although the name "Backcountry Warriors" is great for an outdoor adventure company, it is not very fitting for the hospitality industry especially for a lodge name. So, after much thought and deliberation we decided to completely re-brand our lodge. We say goodbye to Backcountry Warriors, and we welcome you to Alaska's Heritage Lodge! Nothing has changed. Same amazing location, service, lodging, and most importantly, an incredible Alaskan experience. Feel free to check out the entire new site for Alaska's Heritage Lodge. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Kevin Monson
Alaska's Heritage Lodge