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If you are looking for summer time adventures in Alaska, then you’ve found the perfect place.

If you are looking to see Alaska through the eyes and activities of those who call this Great Place home, then you have definitely found the perfect place!

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Prices are: 5 days: $5450 | 7days: $7150 | 10 Days: $9950


Experience ’64 Earthquake – Educational and Entertaining | Visit Earth Quake Park | Lunch at Snow City Café or Anchorage Brew House (depending on flight times) | Musk Ox Farm and Gift Shop | Iditarod Headquarters, Museum & Gift Shop | Tour & Trekking Matanuska Glacier | Noisy Goose/Turkey Red/Locally Owned Eateries | Tour a Musher’s Kennel | Dog Sled Tour | Reindeer Farm | Flight Seeing Tour with Potential Glacier Landing | Photo Op/Eco Touring | Wild Life Viewing/Hiking | Ride the Train One Way to or from Talkeetna/Anchorage | Zipline Adventure | River Boat Excursion/Tours | Lunch in Talkeetna | Denali Brewing Company Tour at the Brewery | Guided Salmon Fishing | Hatcher Pass/Independence Mine Tour and Hiking | Horseback Riding | Tour a Local Mountain Ranch with Wagon Ride & Feeding of the Elk | Rafting | Canoeing/Relaxing at the Lake | Camp Fires & Smore’s | Guided Tour of Crystal Lake on our Floating Dock | Lawn Games, Board games, Card Games | Chartered Flight to or from Anchorage/Willow | Ride Pontoon Boat to Local Restaurant on an Island | Denali National Park (overnight/based on availability – 7 & 10 Day Packages ONLY) |Travel to Remote Interior Location (2 nights – 10 Day Package ONLY)