Backcountry Warriors Amazing Brisket

The making of an amazing Brisket at Backcountry Warriors

For years I have been asked to do a full instructional video on how I do the briskets that I have served to our guests at our B&B in Wasilla, and now at Backcountry Warriors in Willow. Its actually a pain to do this right in the middle of having guests and being under pressure but last weekend I managed to pull it off. It is rather long but pretty detailed and should give you everything in the way of instructions on how to make an amazing brisket. You will be able to go to the video section of my Facebook page and refer back to it later on down the line if you need to. If you don’t have a smoker grill. Get one! 🙂 Its the key to everything when it comes to a great brisket.

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