Fall time in Willow, Alaska

The beauty of fall colors when living in Alaska

Having lived in Alaska for almost 20 years, I can honestly say I can never get over how beautiful fall is here in Willow, Alaska. Year after year, its like seeing it for the first time. Like through the eyes of a child. The cool crisp mornings in mid September, the amazing colors that paint the trees. Its just incredible.My mission in life is to never take it for granted. However, by October first, the leaves that are gold, soon fall to the ground as we get our first winter wind that strips them off the trees and leaves them barren until next spring when the cycle starts all over again. Now, we wait. The snow is coming and will be here very soon. Soon another incredible beauty will paint the Alaska landscape white, and it will be here much longer than the beautiful fall leaves. Leaving me to believe that the brighter beauty burns, the shorter it will last. And thats okay. It makes me appreciate it all the more. 🙂

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