The Wildlife in Willow Alaska

Wildlife Cam Willow, Alaska at Backcountry Warriors

To say there is a lot of Wildlife here in Willow, and at Backcountry Warriors would be a grand understatement. At any given time we see Ducks, Squirrels, All kinds of species of birds, A lot of Moose and the occasional Bear. The kings of the lake are the Loons. Without question the provide the quiet we enjoy here at the lodge with a wilderness sound that cannot be described. We LOVE the Loons. A year ago I decide to capture some of the excitement and put up some bird feeders. Then set up a web cam to capture all the different birds and animals that visit. The result was quite amazing. Wow! I could have never imageined how much wildlife a few bird feeders would attract! Now the problem is this. The HUGE feed bill to keep it going! Its totally worth it though. Our guests love to watch all the activity and it is so much a part of the charm while they visit us here. Below is dusk to dawn time lapse that is creates every day. Then a short video of a Loon that swam up to our floating dock one summer evening. Enjoy!

Kevin Monson

Backcountry Warriors

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